Bellota Hoof Rasps

Bellota makes hoof care tools that get the job done. Their rasps boast excellent metal that stays sharp. Bellota has spent years engineering the ideal tooth design to minimize effort in hoof care while maximizing hoof health. The variety of sizes that they offer also means you can ensure that you have the right rasp for the job.

Hoof Trimmer Supply offers the following Bellota products:

  • Classic 14” proven rasp cut and smooth finish - best for good hoof wall finish
  • Mini Rasp handle included 13” overall length is nimble and easy to use (just right for those caring for foals, ponies, or miniature horses) 
  • Top Sharp Great performer - Top Seller exceptional cutting performance on rasp side and coarse design on file side
  • Raptor ½” wider than traditional rasps, max cut on rasp side and coarse on file side
  • Razor Plus New tooth design to reduce clogging and retains sharpness. Extreme cut rasp side coarse file side. This rasp is the result of years of testing and product development. A favorite of hoof trimmers

Curious about whether to pick the Bellota hoof rasp or another similar product? Our expert team can be reached HERE.