Heller Hoof Rasps

Heller has been making hoof rasps since 1836. They offer a very wide selection of rasps for different weather conditions and applications from dressage to pleasure riding.  

Natural hoof care enthusiasts value Heller products for their weather-specific product differentiation, light weight, aggressive teeth, and superior surface area.                                                                                                                                        

Hoof Trimmer Supply offers the following Heller Hoof Rasps:

  • Big Hoof Rasp (The name says it all for this fine-toothed rasp.)
  • Black Master Rasp (A special exterior designed to last. For dry or hard hooves.)
  • Black Master Finish Rasp (Polishing and finishing rasp with special coating that avoids clogging and rust.)
  • eXcel Original Rasp (Great fit for many climates. The rasp side has 700 small teeth and the file side is just right for flattening and leveling)
  • Legend Rasp (The most versatile of the Heller family.) ideal in wetter conditions 
  • Great Legend Rasp (Everything you love about the legend with two additional rows of teeth on the rasp side for better action during horn removal.)
  • Master Finish Rasp (Two file sides to reduce horn, polish, and finish the hoof.)
  • Pro Finish Rasp (Produces an impressive hoof wall finish.)
  • Red Tang Rasp (Another great choice for hard and dry hooves.)
  • Great Red Tang Rasp (Also for dry and hard hooves, but with two extra teeth on each row for superior glide.)

If you have questions about Heller rasps our barefoot experts are ready to help HERE.