Hoof Boots

What are hoof boots?

Hoof boots are an alternative to metal shoes. They are able to protect the horse’s hooves by acting as a protectant against difficult terrain while promoting natural circulation. Hoof boots do not limit how or where you ride your horse. 

What are hoof boots used for?

  • Protection if a horseshoe is lost on the trail to protect the hoof until the farrier can re-shoe
  • Additional safety while transporting your horse with your horse in a trailer
  • While administering aid to your horse during recovery from wounds or injuries
  • During rehab or hoof injury for additional hoof or sole support  

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Which hoof boots are right for you?

Hoof Trimmer Supply offers hoof boots from:

  • Easyboot
  • Cavallo

If shopping with a family-owned store full of knowledge experts appeals to you then we hope you choose to purchase your next hoof boots from Hoof Trimmer Supply.

Source: https://www.cavallo-inc.com/what-are-horse-hoof-boots/