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Toe Grow Hoof Spray--a copper-peptide complex which has been shown to increase keratin and horn growth by increasing the production of protein collagen and speeding up the repair of cell damage.

Topcoat Hoof Conditioner--Repels mud, snow, moisture and urine soaked manure. Smooths out ridges on the hoof wall. Creates an antiseptic barrier against infection, and weatherproofs the hoof's surface.

Thrush Stop Blue--Active ingredient bonds to the protein of the hoof for long lasting protection. Contains no formaldehyde or other cancer causing agents. Also can be used before applying silicone and sole pads to reduce the possibility of reinfection.  The long row applicator  tip allows for exact placement of the gel deep within the sulcus of the frog and in voids and cracks. The blue color shows where the gel has been applied and where you may need to add more as color fades.

Sav-a-Hoof Spray--Fights white line disease, bacteria and fungus. Use for prevention as well as treatment. Secures to hoof protein and forms a barrier against infections.

Hoof Sealant--Strengthens the hoof wall and seals out bacteria, yeast and fungi.

Sav-a-Hoof Protectant--Protects hooves and helps prevent urine soaked manure and bedding from sticking to them. Protects horn, sole and frog from moisture and contamints. Bonds to hoof protein to fight fungus, thrush, white line disease and bacteria.

Sav-a-Hoof Medisole--Effective against white line disease, thrush, and seedy toe.  Sticks to the sole, shoes and pads.

Sav-a-Hoof Liquid--A liquid concentrate, applied daily to coronary band and infected area, effective against white line disease, seedy toe, thrush, candida yeast, aerobic and aerobic bacteria.

Sav-a-Hoof Gel--Fight whit line disease, seedy toe, thrush, candida yeast, aerobic and aerobic bacteria, mold and fungus. Used in nail holes, hoof cracks and defects, applied deep into the sulcus and under shoes and pads. It can arrest hoof disease that otherwise may result in hoof resection.

Crack Filler Kit--Resistant to water, urine and other contamints. When cured, crack filler becomes part of the hoof wall so that it can be rasped and trimmed like tural hoof tissue.

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