Save Edge Hoof Rasps

Save Edge are the sharp file experts. Their products vary in their cutting action, teeth density, and size. The factor uniting all of Save Edge’s products are their craftsmanship and value.

Our clients value Save Edge products because they are a professional hoof rasp and have a consistent sharpness and high level of quality that off brands lack. Priced at or less than off brands these rasps offer excellent performance and value at a competitive price.  

Save Edge offers rasps such as:

  • The "ORIGINAL" Rasp (The industry standard with just the right combination of smoothness and sharpness.)
  • The Photo Finish Rasp (One side of the tool has a rasp and the other is a super smooth finishing file.
  • The Final Touch Rasp (If you show horses this may be the premium rasp you’ve been searching for with its file side that produces a show quality finish.
  • The 14" BEAST Rasp 35% more effective area than most 14” rasps (Extra width cuts down on trimming time.)
  • The 17" BEAST Rasp ¾” wider and 3” longer than standard rasps (Bigger can be better! Finish a draft horses’ hooves quickly and with the quality that Save Edge is famous for.)

If you have questions about Save Edge rasps our barefoot experts are eager to help HERE.