Hoof Trimmer Supply offers a variety of products from Cavallo. Riders have trusted Cavallo since 1993. Cavallo  is primarily known for its hoof boots, but offers a variety of products. President Carole Herder even wrote an Amazon International Best Seller titled There are No Horseshoes in Heaven. Hoof Trimmer Supply carries hoof boots, applicators, straps, studs, gel pads, and wraps by Cavallo.

Why do we like Cavallo’s hoof boots?

  • Simple and easy to put on
  • Secure fit throughout your ride
  • Many options for a variety of rider uses and conditions
  • Variety of styles and sizes
  • Quality materials
  • 180 day guarantee
  • Positive customer feedback

Do you need some help with sizing your hoof boots? Check out this great video from Cavallo that will help you with the process.

Order this month and receive a comfort pad, hat, hoof brush or water bottle koozie.

Hoof Trimmer Supply understands that when you need Cavallo products you need them as soon as possible. That’s why we offer same day shipping. Do you still have questions? Our family-owned store is ready and willing to assist you. Contact us HERE.