Easyboot Stratus #2

The Easyboot Stratus is a hoof boot focused on rest and recovery from injury. The boot has a premium leather upper, padded collar and a heel sling. The heel sling prevents twisting and aggravation of existing injuries.It is a good fit for horses:

  • With Sore feet;
  • With Abscesses;
  • With Laminitis;
  • Recovering from workouts; or
  • Challenges stalling on hard surfaces.

The Therapad system is highly configurable and can be used with or without the TheraRods (3 different densities) to meet a wide variety of therapeutic needs.

The Easyboot Stratus is not intended for riding.

As with any hoof or leg related injury, consult your veterinarian or hoof care professional for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Our barefoot trimmers can help you figure out if the Easy Boot Stratus is right for you HERE.

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