Ringel Knife

Ringel has a variety of knives and Hoof Trimmer Supply offers variations on the Ringel Loop Knife and the Ringel Standard Offset Knife.

The Ringel Loop Knife has a double edged so that it can be used in either direction for trimming. It has a groove for your thumb to increase leverage. The sizes Hoof Trimmer Supply offers it in are ½”, 1”, 1 ⅜”, and 1 ½”. The larger sizes are ideal for trimming away sole and frog while the smaller sizes are for more precise work.

The Ringel Standard Offset Knife was built to remove sole from a horse’s hoof. It is Ringel’s best selling product. The two key features that have driven this popularity are the large handle which maximizes leverage and the offset blade which keeps the handle from interfering with trimming. Hoof Trimmer Supply offers a right-hand or left-hand version of this tool.

Need a little more help? Our natural hoof care experts are happy to discuss RIngel Knives with you HERE.

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