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    Our articles below offer everything you need to know about trimming and caring for shoeless horses.

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Hoof Trimming Tools

Hoof Trimming Tools

Hoof Trimmer Supply is the national leader in providing quality hoof trimming supplies and tools across the United States. Whether you want hoof boots, hoof rasps, hoof knives, hoof nippers, aprons, hoof supplements, hoof stands, hoof medication or other hoof care products we can help.

We are proud to offer brands like Cavallo, EasyCare, Heller, Bellota, Equicast, 3rd Millennium, Anvil, Mustad, Battlecreek Outfitters, Chris Gregory, Cody James, F Dick, GE Forge, Hoof Jack, Life Data, McLane and more!

We offer great prices, exceptional customer service and an incredible selection of curated brands for hoof care. If you need assistance with barefoot trimming supplies you've come to the right place.