Shipping / Returns

*Buying Hoof Boots? Check out our policy on fitting and returns HERE.


Mail, fax, phone, or online orders received by 2:00pm EST will be shipped same day. 
Emergency or last minute orders must be identified as such when placing an order. Please note any special shipping and handling instructions (additional fees may apply). 
Shipping Charges Based On Order Total
  • An order of $50.00 or less = $9.95 shipping
  • An order of $50.01-$100.00 = $11.95 shipping
  • An order of $100.01-$150.00 = $13.95 shipping
  • An order of $150.01-$200.00 = $15.95 shipping
  • Orders over $200.00 = $10.00 flat fee

Return & Exchange Policy

If, within 20 days of purchase, you feel the need to return an item or even exchange for another or different item, please call us for specific return details and instructions. All items must be in clean, unused condition to be accepted for return. All returns or exchanges require a copy of the original invoice.