Hoof Rasps

What is a hoof rasp?

A hoof rasp or hoof file is the most frequently used cutting tool in hoof care and is essential for proper barefoot trimming. A hoof rasp resembles a file used in woodworking or metalwork. Most hoof rasps have both a coarse tooth side and a finish side. It helps shave and shape portions of the hoof. Specifically, it can be used to remove excess hoof or to provide a finished look. Each rasp varies in several ways and may be appropriate under specific conditions.

What are the differences between hoof rasps?

  • Quality (The natural trade-off from cost is quality. The best tools last longer and retain their edge and sharpness.)
  • Tooth density and design - Rasp makers alter tooth style and the design of the file cut on the finish side to impact a rasps performance
  • Size (Using the right-sized tool can help make hoof care faster)
  • Weight (The ideal rasp is light and yet still of high quality)
  • Cost (Based on a variety of factors cost may vary between rasps)

What brands of hoof rasps does Hoof Trimmer Supply offer?

Hoof Trimmer Supply provides hoof rasps from the best rasp makers in the world Bellota, Save Edge, Cody James, and Heller. 

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