Are hoof boots right for your mini horse?

Are hoof boots right for your mini horse?

You may have heard about the benefits of hoof boots as they pertain to horses such as increased blood flow for hoof health, shock absorption and extra grip. Do these benefits also apply to your mini? Of course!

The quick answer is that there is little to no biological difference between a full-sized horse and a miniature horse when it comes to their hooves anatomy and biomechanics. It’s really just a matter of size.

Boots for miniature horses can be used in a variety of ways for both protection during work, support and grip on varied surfaces and in rehabbing problem hooves. Many driving and riding minis use boots to protect their hooves and provide shock absorption from the road and long rocky trails. They can provide the owner peace of mind as they drive or ride along, knowing their horses' hooves are well protected from stone bruises and debris. Some miniature horses are used as therapy animals, and wearing boots gives them traction on slick surfaces they wouldn't normally encounter in the barn. A third and common use for hoof boots is as an aid in the treatment of hoof disorders and injury. Consult your hoof care professional to help you decide if hoof boots could be a good addition to your miniature horses hoof rehab. 

The goal with any horse when it comes to trimming should always be a well-balanced hoof. Each horse has unique needs with regard to their soles and as long as you strive to keep a balanced approach you will be headed in the right direction.

Given all the above regarding miniature horse hooves, hoof boots are an attractive option if you opt to keep your horse barefoot. The traction, support and potential to both avoid and remedy hoof problems can be worth the investment.

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