Vendor Spotlight: Get To Know Mustad

Vendor Spotlight: Get To Know Mustad

Mustad has been serving the farrier community since 1832. They pride themselves on being “the hoofcare people.” 


The story of Mustad starts in Norway during the 1800s. Mustad became one of the leading companies to supply nails, pins and wires to Norwegians. Among their many products were horseshoe nails. This period of growth lasted from 1832 to 1860. The next major advancement came about as the company developed a mechanized approach to mass production of their wares. Mustad began to grow its market into the whole of Europe. The company recognized the equine industry as a staple of its business and has continued to grow its hoofcare business since then through acquisitions and innovations.

This expansion included the acquisition of hundreds of companies throughout Europe from the 1890s to 1920. When the dust had settled Mustad was the #1 producer of horseshoe nails with 8,000 employees employed across 13 countries.

The company has had a wild combination of other products including a car, margarine, heated toilet seats, waffle irons, wood stoves, and water skis. Innovation and entrepreneurship are in the blood of Mustad engineers. Source:


Mustad Hoofcare has offices in 16 countries and is supplied by 11 factories. The company sells to more than 100 countries. Hoof Trimmer Supply is proud to carry the following Mustad products:

Mustad Hoof Nipper

Mustad Premium Nipper 14”

Mustad Toeing Knife

Mustad Nail Puller

Mustad Premium Nail Puller

Mustad Premium Pull Off

Mustad Tuff Stuff

Thrush Buster

Hoof Shield

Heller Hoof Rasps

Hall Hoof Knives

Double S Hoof Knives

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