What Are Hoof Nippers?

What Are Hoof Nippers?

Hoof nippers are used on horses to help mimic the natural wearing down of the hoof. This crucial tool is in every hoof trimmers arsenal to shape and carve the hoof. 

An effective session of hoof nipping  helps reduce the amount of rasping you will later have to do. Varying your grip on the nippers from close to the blades to working backwards to the end of the handles changes the leverage of the nipper . This allows for a variety of situations involving more precise work (closer to the blades) and nipping requiring power (toward the end of the handles). Some hoof trimmers prefer a pair of hoof nippers with a spring. This can be useful to more quickly return the nippers to their open position thus allowing for a faster trim. Trimmers sometimes rotate between one-hand to two-hand use depending on the angle, hand strength of the individual, and toughness of the hoof. 

There are a variety of hoof nipper options available to satisfy all budget & expertise needs. . 

Still have questions about hoof nippers? The Hoof Trimmer Supply team can assist you HERE.

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