What Is a Hoof Rasp?

What Is a Hoof Rasp?

A hoof rasp is a coarse file used for shaping animal’s hooves. In the context of hoof trimming it is used to trim and shape the hoof. It is also sometimes referred to as a farrier’s rasp. It consists of a file that may have different textures on each side (a coarse “rasp” side and a “finish” side). The coarser file side is for faster removal of the hoof. The finish side of the rasp is to smooth the hoof and bring it to a smoother finished result.

Rasps vary in size, shape and coarseness of the rasp and finish side. Some options to consider are:

It is best to start with a wire brush to clean dirt and small stones from the hoof. This will extend the life of your rasp and make the job easier. The goal is to have a smooth symmetrical hoof and combat the uneven wearing or growth of the hoof. The rasp side removes the most material to get the hoof to a good shape.  The finish file can be used to “shine” the hoof wall and remove any lines created through your earlier work. 

If you have more specific questions about hoof rasps we can assist HERE.

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