What Is White Line Disease and What Can You Do About It?

What Is White Line Disease and What Can You Do About It?

White Line Disease (WLD) has a variety of other names such as stall rot, hollow foot, wall thrush, and seedy toe. The white line referenced in its name is where the outside hoof wall meets the sole. The condition occurs when bacteria or fungus infect the layers of the hoof wall. This causes a deterioration of the hoof wall and leads to lameness.

The symptoms include the horn wall looking chalky or white and gradual separation of the hoof wall as referenced above. For more on it please see:

If you are concerned that White Line Disease may be an issue for your horse please visit your vet. There are a variety of treatments for white line disease that are available. They include:

  • White Lightning (White Lightning® is a solution which has the ability, when mixed with equal parts of white vinegar, to produce chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is very aggressive in neutralizing bacteria, fungus and yeast.)
  • Kera-Mend (Kera-Mend Hoof Crack & White Line Paste is designed to provide a barrier for hoof cracks and to treat white line disease.)
  • Life Data Hoof Clay (Life Data hoof Clay is effective against wide spectrum of bacterial and fungal invasions which cause poor hoof quality, crumbling horn, white line disease, and thrush.)
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