Who should trim my horse?

Who should trim my horse?

YOU know your horses best.

YOU should be the one to decide who is best fit to care for their feet. Even if your vet recommends someone or even if everyone at your barn uses the same farrier, if you’re not comfortable with that person or their work, don’t be afraid to part ways.

Be it a farrier, barefoot trimmer, your uncle, or yourself, find someone who truly cares about your horses’ well-being and soundness.

Is it an easy fix?

Most issues our horses face have been a long time in the making. They don’t happen overnight (except in the case of an acute injury such as a wound). And if it took several months, or more likely, years to get your horse to a certain point, we can’t expect to fix the problem in a day, a week, or even a month. It will likely take much longer than that. And some conditions, such as severe arthritis, simply aren’t going to go away (though the pain can be lessened with certain treatments).

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