Why Should You Consider Our Stabil Line of Products?

Why Should You Consider Our Stabil Line of Products?

The market for hoof trimming supplies contains a wide variety of options. There are three key reasons why you should consider our Stabil line of hoof trimming products.

  1. In today’s economic environment value matters more than ever. Stabil is a product we offer direct to you and thus it is very cost effective. Value isn’t just about cost though and Stabil was built to last.
  2. As mentioned earlier our team has been around horses for many years. We brought this experience to Stabil and the result is a product that looks great and does the job it was designed for. Our testing ensured that Stabil works over and over again throughout the years.
  3. Strength is critical in a quality tool. Stabil has superior performance and longevity due to the fact that it is drop-forged. Drop forging is a forging process where a hammer is raised and then "dropped" onto the workpiece to deform it according to the shape of the die. It creates a stronger tool as a result. This strength and durability is magnified by the Chrome Vanadium steel. Chromium and vanadium both make the steel more hardenable. Chromium also helps resist abrasion, oxidation, and corrosion.

Find out for yourself why Stabil is the affordable, proven and long-lasting option. 

Stabil Hoof Nippers

Stabil Hoof Tester

Stabil Shoe Pull Off

Stabil Hoof Nipper with Spring

Stabil 14-½” Flat Hoof Tester

Contact us today with any questions you might have about Stabil or any of other products.

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