What is Durasole?

Simply put, it is an iodine based-liquid that is applied topically to improve the thickness and durability of your horses’ hooves. It also fights fungus and bacteria to fight against thrush and white line disease. Durasole comes in 4 oz bottles.

How Durasole works

The fixing agent exfoliates the sole and frog of the hoof. It strengthens the cell membranes while not affecting the proximal sensitive sole. It gives your horse’s hooves a protective layer for the sole allowing your horse to handle the toughest terrain with confidence.

What does Durasole help with?

  • Transitioning a horse from shod to barefoot
  • Horses living and working in hostile hoof environments
  • Treating thin soled or sensitive hooves
  • Treating Thrush
  • Treating White Line Disease

How to use Durasole

A small amount is effective at providing sufficient results. First, use a hoofpick to clean out the entire hoof including the frog. Next, use a wirebrush to clean any remaining debris off the sole. Apply drops to the sole of each hoof, using a small brush like a toothbrush spread around the sole and frog. You will know you’ve used the right amount once the treated area is darker in color. For even faster results you can use a hairdryer to dry the treated area more quickly. Repeat procedure daily for 1-2 weeks until sole has hardened. Once this has been accomplished repeat the process 1-2 times per week to maintain results. Always use safety glasses and gloves when handling Durasole.

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