Durasole an iodine-based liquid dressing that improves the thickness and durability of your horses’ hooves. It can also be used to threat thrush and white line disease.

4 oz bottles.

How Durasole works:

The fixing agent exfoliates the sole and frog of the hoof. It strengthens the cell membranes while not affecting the proximal sensitive sole. It gives your horse’s hooves a protective layer for the sole allowing your horse to handle the toughest terrain with confidence.


  • Transitioning a horse from shod to barefoot
  • Horses living and working in harsh hoof environments
  • Treating thin soled or sensitive hooves
  • Treating Thrush
  • Treating White Line Disease

How to use:

A small amount is effective at providing sufficient results. First, use a hoof pick to clean out the entire hoof including the frog. Next, use a wire brush to clean any remaining debris off the sole. Apply drops to the sole of each hoof, using a small brush like a toothbrush spread around the sole and frog. You will know you’ve used the right amount once the treated area is darker in color. For even faster results you can use a hairdryer to dry the treated area more quickly. Repeat procedure daily for 1-2 weeks until sole has hardened. Once this has been accomplished repeat the process 1-2 times per week to maintain results. Always use safety glasses and gloves when handling Durasole.

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Customer Reviews

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Amber Greeson
Excellent product for battling thrush and building sole

I typically stay away from caustic ingredient products, but Durasole is one of the fastest and most proven ways to help build sole and fight thrush. I don't like to use to too frequently, and my usually routine is to use it day one, then nothing day two, then a red horse product like field paste on day 3 (for treating thrush). For building sole I like to use Durasole first, then give the foot a break for two days then follow up with hoof armor. A must have in any equestrians tool box.

Thank you for sharing your experience and how you use this product! We're glad you have such good luck with Durasole.

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