R.A.T.E Plus Hoof Packing 1lb log

R.A.T.E Hoof Packing Plus - “Tacky Hoof Pack” Made from the same all-natural ingredients as our Original R.A.T.E Hoof Pack, by adding natural rubber proteins we’ve achieved a tacky, dense, and self-sealing packing material. R.A.T.E Hoof Pack Plus supports the horse with a superior cushioning agent and is ideal for those who want to find the material where they set it. R.A.T.E Hoof Pack Plus provides the stick necessary for an optimal bond to the sole and frog. You won’t need gloves to handle this one as it is extremely clean and easy-to- use. *Pre-mixed *User-Friendly *UNITES WITH THE HOOF,NOT YOUR HANDS *Resists Freezing *Will Not Absorb Moisture *Pliable and Forgiving *100% All-Natural *Pure Rubber Elastic Cushioning for Abscesses and Bruising 3 EASY STEPS TO USING R.A.T.E HOOF PACKING PLUS 1. Thoroughly clean the sole and frog of any dirt or foreign material by using a hoof pick or wire brush if necessary. 2. Apply R.A.T.E Hoof Packing between the bars and over the entire sole. This will create a custom fit, making it less likely for any foreign material to become trapped between the pad and sole. 3. Use a pad or a suitable wrap to hold the packing in place. 1 # of R.A.T.E Hoof Packing Covers Approximately 8-10 Hooves

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