Cody James Littlefoot Rasp

The Cody James Littlefoot rasp will do at least three times as many horses as the average rasp. Will not clog with the patented blade design. Cuts quicker and easier which limits wear and tear on your body. Littlefoot is designed for one handed use on your smaller hooved friends. Includes frame and replaceable blade. Replacement blades available. 

Available in fine, medium and aggressive blades.

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Customer Reviews

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Lili Wren
pretty effective, but...

I ordered what I thought was a full sized rasp. I guess I misunderstod the sizing.It is pretty small. But it does cut like a cheese grader. Which is great but i think I will have to order the biggest size.

Thank you for taking the time to share. I'm sorry there was confusion regarding the size of this product. We'll add more information to help prevent this in the future. I'm glad you like how the product functions, at least. Perhaps you would be happier with the Cody James Dymondback Rasp, which is the full-sized version of this rasp.

#1 Go-To-Rasp

This Littlefoot Rasp is a very comfortable size rasp to use for 100% of your trimming needs. I have fine and medium grades, so I have all I ever need.

Thank you for taking the time to share! We're happy to hear you've found your perfect rasp. Happy trimming!

Janelle Marolf
Really an effect rasp!

I have only trimmed one pony so far, but can say I am impressed with the effectiveness of this rasp. I am sure it will prove to be well worth the money.

Thank you for taking the time to share! We certainly believe in this product and we're glad you like it too.

Customer service is the best!

Had a problem with an order, they came thru as promised. And their support of ladies who are bold (crazy enough) to trim themselves is incredible. We are, and our horses are sounder and happier! Thank you!


Cody James Littlefoot Rasp is made for little feet and little hands. Fits perfect in my hand, love it!

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