Anvil Brand Knife "The Knife" Regular

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Having high quality hoof knives is important for the aspiring or seasoned hoof trimmer. The Anvil Brand “The Knife Regular” is created from steel from US or Japanese plants and is built to be exceptionally tough. They are easy to sharpen and enjoy a very loyal following.

Selecting the right hoof knife can be a challenge. Our team can answer your questions about Anvil Brand Knives HERE.

Customer Reviews

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Jerry Bradshaw
Hoof knife Extraordinaire

This half knife is so sharp it just glides through the soul and the frog, I really like this amazing knife, speeds up the time I’m bent over a horses foot.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We're glad you're so happy with 'The Knife'.

Diane Johnson
Anvil Brand Knife

Items arrived quickly and are of excellent quality!

Paige Kirschenman

Anvil Brand Knife "The knife regular"

Roxana Tuff
Sharp professional

The knife is beautifully made and sharp. I had been using a left handed knife as a right handed person so I am having to retrain myself to handle it differently. I am considering purchasing another that is slightly wider. Overall, I like it.

Andrew Bowman
Excellent knife

A nice-feeling, solid knife with a good blade.

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