Cavallo Big Foot Boot

The Cavallo Big Foot Hoof Boot is meant for draft-size horses and has the quality construction and attention to detail you expect from Cavallo. 

Size 8 Fits a hoof measuring   6 1/2”- 6 3/4” (166 – 173 mm)

Size 10 Fits a hoof measuring 7 1/8″ – 7 1/2″ (182-189 mm)

*Sole length and width are equal.

The boot has a pull tab for easily putting it on, the RES Replaceable Velco System and an upper made of heavy duty Denier nylon. Other key features include reflective logos for safety, drainage slots, and a foam collar.

If you have more specific questions about sizing or the construction of the Cavallo Big Foot Hoof Boot we can assist HERE.

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