Cody James Dymondback Rasp

The Cody James Dymondback rasp will do at least three times as many horses as the average rasp. Will not clog with the patented blade design. Cuts quicker and easier which limits wear and tear on your body. Includes frame and replaceable blade. Optional end cap is available for added hand protection.

Available in fine, medium, and aggressive blades.

Customer Reviews

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Humberto Fernandez
Cody James dymondback rasp


Molly Maxson
Disappointed, but would buy again

Seriously, I wonder if I was shipped the fine instead of the medium. There is no marking to be able to tell the difference. This rasp does not remove as much material as the older style rasps, so I need to take more strokes to remove the same amount of hoof, meaning I'm slower. I can't give up the conventional rasp for rounding toes or doing any outer wall work, and I'm switching rasps to get a finer cut instead of just flipping it. Sometimes I need the conventional rasp to more quickly level off a high spot. Also, the tang is shorter. No doubt, I don't work as hard, however. Other plusses are: it vibrates the hoof less, it doesn't grab, so the hoof is not rotated or torqued when working it on the hoof stand, it has a lot more real estate, allowing longer strokes and more coverage area, it goes through the frog better, letting me keep the wall level, but overall it is harder to get a good level hoof. Finally, it is lighter. I would buy it again. To keep your frames from wearing along the edges, put a little heavy grease between the frame and insert where they touch.

Daniel Moretti
Excellent Rasp

I got both the aggressive and the medium. The aggressive takes off a little more than the medium, but I like smooth finish if the medium. If I had to choose one, it would be the medium.

Right now I go from aggressive, to medium, to rasp side with a regular rasp, to fine side with a regular rasp. And I am super happy with the result. The Cody James rasps are a great addition, as they save me a good amount of time and effort.

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