Sigafoo Morrison

Lightweight, wide web, forged aluminum with flat heels that can be drilled and tapped for studs. Comes in performance blue and therapeutic black (the black is softer).

The Morrison shoe--Has a slightly raised heel as well as a rolled toe to ease landing and break-over. The heel elevation can easily be forged or ground down to create a full roller motion style shoe or left as a wedge if indicated. Beneficial in the treatment of some chronic forms of laminitis, heel pain, certain forms of vicular disease, rebalancing the adult club foot and improving sole depth. The Morrison black is three times softer than the blue.

Acrylic twinpack--Adhesive packaged in polymix packs and sealed in foil for a long shelf life. Poly packs are designed for heating and cooling to control working times.

Farrier Grade Shears--Designed specifically for hard to cut fabrics and polymeric materials such as kevlar, spectra, and vectran. These grade 1065, high carbon steel shears are Rockwell 72 hardness on the C scale (harder would be brittle). Industrial hard chrome plating is used to protect the surface and provide rust protection. High leverage grips, short powerful jaws and detailed edges with serrated blades.




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