Thrush Buster

How do you know if you need Thrush Buster?

Thrush is an infection that forms in the grooves of the frog. It creates a dark discharge and has a distinct putrid odor. 

What is Thrush Buster?

Thrush Buster is an iodine-based solution that comes in 2 oz bottles and is intended for the treatment of thrush or white line disease and avoiding thrush. It is produced by Mustad Hoofcare in the USA and is famous for its purple color.

Why is Thrush Buster effective?

Thrush Buster creates a protective barrier between the tissue and thrush. It counteracts fungus and bacteria in the sole and frog. Thrush Buster is milder than bleach, copper sulfate, or turpentine, but still gets the job done.

How should I apply Thrush Buster?

First, it is best to wear a pair of gloves when applying. The process is simple from there as you apply to the affected area until the hoof is stained purple. As long as the hoof remains purple it does not need to be reapplied. Our customers find a weekly treatment works for them in many cases, but each situation is unique and may require more or less frequent applications.

Why does Hoof Trimmer Supply recommend Thrush Buster?

  • High satisfaction even from those who have tried other brands
  • Farriers and veterinarians recommend
  • Great in wet climates
  • No tack box is complete without it

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Customer Reviews

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Lucky Paint Pony
Does the job

Cleared up my horses problem in three days

Thank you for taking the time to share. We're glad you were able to help your horse so quickly with the help of Thrush Buster!

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