Vettec Products

Vettec products range from equithane hoof adhesives to soreness and thrush care tools. 

Sole guard--Provides support and protection for thin soled, flat-footed horses, absorbs the shock and concussion.

Equi-pak CS--For use as pad/packing material.  Bonds to the sole elimiting the need to pick out the feet and apply daily medication.

Equi-pak--Dispensed directly onto the sole and frog, sets in 25 seconds. It can be used with or without a pad, and provides support and protection for thin soled and flat footed horses. It also absorbs shock and pounding, It can be filled to ground level for added support in less than one minute. It will not break down and is impervious to debris and moisture, leaving the sole and frog in great condition.

Equi-pak soft--Stays soft in all temperatures. A strong bond to soles seals out moisture and debris. Absorbs shock and concussion. Use with pads on working horses. Perfect for deep commissures and thin soles.

Sil-Pak--Designed for use with pads. It is an auto-mixing, fast-setting, liquid addition reaction silicone hoof packing material. Must be used under a pad or hospital plate. Seals tightly to the sole.

Super Fast--For use as an adhesive. Creates a custom shoe in minutes. Helps to hold thin, brittle hoof walls together.

Adhere--Glues on steel, aluminum and most plastic shoes as well as any hoof repair project.  It has an initial set time of one minute and a fil cure time of six minutes. Adhere sets hard with a superior bond, but maintains the flexibilty necessary at the quarters and heels to allow the tural movement of the hoof.

Spacers--Rubber stops placed

ion. on shoes, creates 1/8" thickness of adhesive.

Contouring Plastic--6" x 10" roll used after applying Sole-Guard to even and level the material.

Equimesh--6" x 8' roll offers added insurance under extreme conditions for keeping the materials in the bottom of the foot.

Foam Board--Seals and supports Vettec products until set. Evenly distributes material over surface.


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