Heller Red Tang Rasp

Heller makes products that last. The Heller Red Tang is no exception and features finely-designed teeth in a high density arrangement. This pattern produces an efficient cut in dry environments or for harder hooved horses. 

What is the The Heller Red Tang best for?

  • Perfect for dry hooves
  • Works well with hard hooves

Customers say that the rasp is of superior quality to most on the market, but has an excellent value. It has staying power and is a product barefoot trimmers choose as repeat customers.

Length: 360 mm (14 in)

Width: 43 mm (1.7 in)

Thickness: 5 mm (0.2 in)

Number of teeth per row: 6

Any questions about the Heller Red Tang? We’re happy to answer anything you’re curious about HERE.

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